Friday, January 9, 2009

Not Motivated

I just wanted to let everyone that I'm still around and I'm still cooking, but it's hard to get motivated when I'm so mad and frustrated with my range. I'm going through baking withdrawl and it's hard to plan meals around no oven. It kind of works so as long as the main course isn't going in the oven, it's okay, but the burners are all weird now, too. I do have a few recipes to share with you that I took pictures of before the stupid oven died, but it's hard to get motivated to post them ebcause then I want to cook them again and I can't because they go in the oven.
We're getting close to making a decision on a range, but it's so hard to make up our minds. Since a range is such a big investment, we want to be sure that we get what we want and what we'll like. We've kind of narrowed it down to the brand and model so we're looking at prices now. I've printed off a lot of recipes I want to try so once we finally do get the new range and it's all hooked aup and ready to use, I PROMISE I'll have lots ot share with you. Keep fingers (and paws) crossed we make a decision soon!!!

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Lorenza said...

Paws crossed!
Kisses and hugs